SMS Tweaker

SMS Tweaker 1.0

Additional tools for managing your SMS messages


  • View message threads
  • Tweak font size and language


  • Backgrounds are a bit lame


SMS messages are a big part of life for many of us and rarely a day goes by without me sending or receiving a text message.

The SMS handling facilities within Windows Mobile 6 are fine for the casual texter, but if you're a power user who yearns for more functionality then you might want to try installing SMS Tweaker on your Pocket PC.

This simple application is designed to ramp up your SMS manager adding powerful new features such as the ability to view message threads.

This means that instead of having to wade through all of your recent messages, you can choose to view only those from a particular contact, giving you the ability to quickly recount the conversation.

Other highlights of SMS Tweaker are customizable backgrounds for your texts (although generally these are pretty hideous unless you're a five-year-old), plus the ability to change the language of notifications and alter the font size.

It's a very simple program and all of the available options are clearly accessible from the tabs on the interface.

A great way of improving your text life.

MS Tweaker is an application that allows you to change your mobile phone's SMS format from Threaded Mode to Normal Mode and vice versa. The program includes some cool features such as adding your own wallpaper backgrounds in order to customize the interface.

SMS Tweaker


SMS Tweaker 1.0

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